​​​Institute of Chemical Technology (ChemTech)

The institute was created with the mission to consolidate 40 years of experience and knowhow in the areas of applied and industrial chemistry and to offer applied research support to the industry. The research activities at ChemTech cover the fields of fine chemistry and pharmaceutical products, monomers and polymers, nanomaterials, sustainable energy vectors, process automation, control and optimization, as well as physical and chemical characterization. Technological innovation in the development of chemical processes and characterization methods, coupled with applied research focused on a sustainable balance between economic, ecological and social factors, make ChemTech a key partner in the chemical industry and, indeed, in those industries served by chemistry.

ChemTech benefits from its close collaboration with the other institutes based at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, the University of Fribourg and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology. The researchers at ChemTech specialize in technology transfer between molecular innovations, stemming from fundamental research, and optimized industrial process implementation. Our collective applied research activities bring solutions to the chemical industry as a whole

Core competences

The primary innovation theme investigated at ChemTech is the intensification of chemical processes. Employing advanced skills in chemistry and molecular characterization, process development and scale-up, as well as chemical engineering, automation and control, the researchers at ChemTech focus on creating safer, environmentally cleaner and energy-saving processes. The techniques necessary to achieve these goals exist but they are often too complex and costly to be implemented industrially. ChemTech strives to render them more robust and universally adaptable, with the aim of making this technology more readily accessible and applicable to the industry.